MY ADVENTURES was a web domain I created for small businesses in Onset MA. Onset is a small touristy village on a lovely inlet bay just before you have to cross the bridge to Cape Cod. After working in just about every phase of computers for the last 45 years, I have retired and am living in southern Spain along with my Spanish wife, Aurora. I continued to do web pages as a hobby and for "beer money" (I should say wine money sine I enjoy making a variety of wines.)

A year ago I started writting a book on my motorcyle adventure for my mom since I never took the time to write happenings down then. I am still putting together all the things I learned from seeing so many different life styles and cultures from all my adventures.

The book and this web is turning out to be quite an other adventure. Language has always been my worst subject. Since I didn't hear very well, I learned to daydream a lot and never learned to spell or write well. It will probably be one of the most difficult yet most rewarding adventures of my life. It is a work-in-process as is my life so don't expect a finished product.

Enjoy / Disfruta                               2                                    Begin > - This is a site for the artists and craftspeople of Cómpeta, Malaga Spain where I now live.